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Moralez Valoo

Jody was a high school senior whe her life changed forever. She was an above average student. She took part in several clubs and charity groups. At home she was required to help around the house.

Jody's parents agreed to have an exchange student live with them. That's when things changed. Flora was from France and she had attended the finest schools. Flora could fix fancy meals, make her own clothes, and fit in well at any social situation.

Jody could mend clothes and fix very ordinary meals. She did not feel it was right to act in certain ways just to be accepted. Jody was happy with the few friends she had. Flora wanted to be accepted by everyone. She didn't care if she had to act in a manner that made her a phony.

Jody and Flora didn't get along very well. Jody's parents were always comparing the two. "Why couldn't Jody fix meals like Flora after all she too had some experience. Jody should take lessons from Flora when it comes to fashion. Wouldn't it be great if Jody could act properly at social affairs". They even started to treat Jody differently.

Jody began to wonder if her parents loved her anymore. They showed that they cared about her when she did the things Flora did. At other times they found fault with most things she did.

One day when Jody was feeling sad and alone she got a call from her cousin Joey. He told her about his family and when he asked her about hers she had little to say. After that conversation Jody did a lof of thining.

She decided to get more involved in helping other people. She hoped that she would find enough acceptance to give her courage to continue living life to the fullest. It helped her in many ways. First she felt good about herself for helping other people. She knew many of them had no one who cared about them. She did. Jody became good friends with quite a few people. She cared about them and they cared about her.

One day Jody met a little old lady named Kim. Most people didn't like Kim because she didn't act like they thought she should. Jody and Kim got to be good friends.

Kim was very sick and knew she had only a short while to live. One day she was talking to Jody and said, "I'm not going to be here much longer so I want to thank you for being my friend. You accept me for me. I like tha. You must believe in God cause that's how He is too".

Hody hadn't thought about God in a long time. She answered, "Yes I do but sometimes He's so far away." "yes, but He really isn't. See you have to feel good about yourself and what you do. If you do that you will feel blessed. When you feel blessed you will always feel God close to you."

Kim died a few days later. Jody developed a life motto from her friend. "Where there is unconditional love ther is acceptance of one as a creation of God."

The lesson here is if you are acceptable to God you fit His mold. You have been formed into a new creation. Yu will then not fit into any other mold. You won't want to. Always be yourself Love and accept yourself. If someone in the world doesn't accept you it is their loss. They are refusing to accept a Blessing Form God.

2004 Genuine Safe Haven Ministry

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