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Moralez Valoo

Van was very concerned about his son Roland. Roland seemed to be living in a make believe world missing everything in the real world. Roland would say such things as: "My herald and I had a talk and he will help me. THe mage made grandpa feel better." Van felt these things were impossible until one day when he was helping in Roland's Sunday School class.

The teacher asked the children to give the names of God and tell what God does every day. Roland was very quick to volunteer. As he walked to the front of the class Van wished that something would happen to stop Roland from speaking. No such luck.

"I know the Herald and He is always there willing to help me fight my battles against the things that would mar my life."

"I know the Mage who makes feel better cause He can do anything. I can't see Him cause He is invisible and that is part of His magic. He also has a gift that helps Him guide me through life. That gift is called foresight. See He can see my future before I get there."

I know the Healer and He is wonderful. He takes broken hearts and mends them. When I do something wrong I can go to the Healer and He will forgive me and I feel better." The more Roland talked the more excited he got and the more concerned Van became. But there was no stopping him.

"The Guardian will guide me through life. He will open the gates of Heaven for me when I get there. But while I am here I have companions that surround me and protect me from evil. THey are angels that were sent to earth to watch over me."

"I was chosen to become a warrior and help defend what is good and right. I will tell the star-eyed people the truth. Then maybe they will not believe in false gods and goddesses."

"Truth is good and so is doing the right things. The Mage has the gift of a truth spell which was placed on me at birth. It makes me feel bad when I do wrong and makes me want to put things right. This spell is usually called conscience." The Sunday School teacher had heard enough. "Roland, don't you believe in God? You are telling us all kinds of things but nothing about God."

Roland looked at her in surprise. "Everything I told you is about God. God has many different names and can do all those things plus much much more."

"But can't you just call Him, God?" Van asked Roland.

"I don't think God cares what I call Him cause He loves me for me. I have only one God and He knows what is in my heart." "I understand what you are saying but some people might think you believe in a lot of different gods. Ones that are not real," said the Sunday School teacher.

"I don't think they will once they get to know Him. I am sure that others have given Him different names. There are some even in the Bible like Lord, Savior, and many more. If it is not wrong in the Bible it should not be wrong for me," stated Roland without hesitation.

The bell rang and class was over. On the way home from church Van said to Roland, "I understand what you are talking about now but I did think that you didn't know what was real and what wasn't."

"Oh He is real and He knows I love Him by whatever name I use for Him. You call me your helper and I know it is me you are talking to so I am sure God knows I am talking to Him and telling others about Him," Roland stated.

They sat quietly for the remainder of the trip home. Van was thinking about all that Roland had said. It is true God is all those things and much, much, more.

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