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Moralez Valoo

Who am I and What am I here for? Do those questions sound familiar? We all ask them especially during the stormy times of life. God Knows the answers. You will too in time but that doesn't make things easier now. Who are you? First of all you are a child of God and that makes you special. Who else? Well that depends if you have the freedom to be yourself or not. If you do you can be whoever you want to be. If not you may have to live your physical life in a way not agreeing with your inner most being. But always remember that while you may not have the physical freedom you still have the right to feel in your heart and soul whatever you want to. Love is a strong word and one that can help us to get through times. That is if indeed it is love. The one LOVE we will never have to question is God's LOVE. He will love you no matter what. What about other kinds of love?

That exists to in some circles of life but one must be careful. THere will never be the same kind of love that God offers you. God's love is unconditional. You do not have to do anything to get it. Human love on the other hand may not always be that way. If one finds a person to love them unconditionally they are really blessed. I have one such person in my life and it makes all the difference in the world.

With unconditional love you don't have to do certain things to be loved. I am sure you have heard people say that "If you love me you will _______." Well if they really loved you they would not say it. Usually those types of things are small stuff and the individual wants you to change something. Generally it doesn't make you a better person and it doesn't prove your love. All it does it allow one person to control another.

Unconditional love takes time to understand a person cause only then does one know who they love. That makes the person a human being with feelings to be considered, past experiences that influence their life, and dreams for the future. If people have no interest in those aspects of life in another person they do not love the person. If an individual has no interest in the life of another and says they love them it can't be so unless the person is an object not a human being. Human beings get love and consideration. Objects loved are usually kept around for other reasons. Think about this why do you keep certain things? They are nice, you like them, or they are useful. Unconditional love has affection, emotion, and sharing tied to it. That is the only true kind of love. I for one do not need the other. I do not wish to be an object to be kept around for whatever reason. God loves me unconditionally. Say I am spoiled if you will but that is the only way to go.

I am sure you have heard stories about a person saying "I love you" and later in the same conversation physically aburing the individual. What happened to the love? Did it disappear? Likely it isn't really love at all. I could not imagine causing harm to those I love. How does one all bruised and torn feel loved? I don't think they can. We all have been in such situations. Maybe not physical abuse but verbal and emotional abuse are just as bad if not worse. Bruises heal but once the heart and soul of a person are ripped to pieces it is harder to repair and it never fully does get fixed. The scars and pain will be with the person for the rest of their life. Physical abuse leaves the same types of scars. God doesn't do things to harm us or to hurt us. God is LOVE. So LOVE doesn't do stuff to harm us physically, emotionally, or verbally. God wants our heart and soul to be happy. Love tries to make people feel good not feel defeated and worthless.

The game of "I Love You" is played by the majority of people in the world. Those words are said now days with little true feeling behind them. They have almost become worthless. It is a phrase like any other phrase in the english language. Anyone can say the words but not everyone means them.

Have you fallen in the trap of the "I Love You" game? I think everyone has.It is hard to admit that someone doesn't love you but then once you realize it there is a certain kind of freedom you feel. Yes there is hurt but it will go away. Yes you are feeling foolish and stupid. You shouldn't though because if you gave your love freely and it was rejected, stomped on. or misused you are in the same situation Christ was in. His love was rejected and He himself as an individual was rejected, considered worthless, and acted in all areas of His life.

Be like Christ then and keep loving and caring. If you don't then you are no better then those who play the "I Love You" game. Be true in expressing your feelings. Everyone likes to hear "I love you" but it should only be said when it is meant. Yes we have different kinds of love but none of the should be expressed without meaning. When said without meaning it is like slapping the person in the face. Even if the only love you are speaking of is christian love don't say "I love you" if you don't really mean it. Why? Well God is LOVE and it would be like slapping Him in the face. A kind of making fun of the thing He stands for and is. No one who loves God would do that.

See if you say "I love you" and do not mean it you are doing as Satan does. Just think how does he get people to follow him? He makes promises of wealth, happiness, and love. Love of what? All that is wrong. Satan makes a mockery of the word love and so does anyone who says "I love you" and doesn't mean it.

2004 Genuine Safe Haven Ministry

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