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Moralez Valoo

Oh how wonderful it is to have a family that will always be there for you. The family that I speak of is the family of God for the family of God has many members and many different kinds of colors. Color does not matter for if it did then we would have to look at our selves and say am I the same way as they are right now. Color need not only refer to skin tone. In God's eyes the color of a person is their unique personality.

A family has many different talents such as singing, making others laugh, and just plain having fun. They work together to make things better for everyone. How many things can you list for the earthly family that you have right now? Then make a list of the things that apply to the family of God. Look at the blessings you receive from both of them

You see we have a father on earth and a heavenly father. So take a look at the families you have and be thankful for them.

2004 Genuine Safe Haven Ministry

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